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berry20th asked:

Clarie Holt or Jennifer Lawrence? ;)

Awww I love Claire so much she’s such a sweetheart and an amazing actress,but Jen is and will always be my favorite..she’s perfectly imperfect & simply gorgeous in every way.I don’t think there’s anyone I love more.

Guess you knew that already haha ;)



#and that’s his entire character #don’t touch it #GONNA TOUCH IT #don’t go looking for that body in the woods #GONNA GO LOOK FOR THAT BODY IN THE WOODS #don’t antagonize the psychotic geriatric hunter who’s just kidnapped you from a sports field full of poeple #GONNA ANTAGONIZE THE PSYCHOTIC GERIATRIC HUNTER (rubykatewriting)

don’t antagonize the the trapped alpha GONNA ANTAGONIZE THE ALPHA run away! GONNA STAY RIGHT HERE don’t hang out with werewolves NEW BEST FRIENDS don’t get involved I’M INVOLVED call your dad stiles NOPE write an essay on economics DID YOU SAY CIRCUMCISION you’re not gay I COULD BE

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Anonymous asked:

Stiles or Scott?

I love Scott puppy McCall so DAMN MUCH,he’s like the kindest soul in Beacon Hills and everything 

But then there’s my incredibly HUGE love for Stiles which can’t even be put into words,he will always be my first choice. :)

So Stiles it is. 

berry20th asked:

Jace Wayland or Killian Jones? :D

oh my gosh YOU DID NOT :p

Ugh I love Jace to DEATH he’s perfect,he’s literally everything but then there’s my thing for PIRATES and antiheroes,especially the cocky/flirty ones like Hook,who’s trying to be a better man.

Okay,so I really love them both so much..this is like super hard..

I gotta go with Killian though

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