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When 50 shades of grey came out I wrote an article about it being “50 shades of abuse” because in all actuality, the relationship between Anastasia and Christian Grey was a complete power structure. If I’m not mistaking in one point he ignores her saying no to sex, which is rape? He stalked her, manipulated her, abused her, and the whole book was basically normalizing abusive relationships.


She has no idea, not really, what her absence does to him.  She knows they’re friends, of course, knows she means something to him - so when he says they need her here, she can’t help but smile, small and tight as it is (because isn’t it wonderful, to be needed?  it’s not quite wanted, but she’s not quite sure what wanted feels like anyways.  that’s why she stays with barry in central city so much. she knows how to be needed; being needed comes naturally to her.)

and he, he can’t help but run his eyes over her, notice the way she doesn’t quite beam at him, and thinks: this is it, the moment’s coming, soon, she’ll be gone for good and he better get used to her no longer being by his side.  because she didn’t come for him, she came for the city, and when he said they need her there what he really meant is that he needs her there (he always needs her), but -

she didn’t understand 

and he never says the right words (at the right time)

and they miss each other once again

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